May 18th | Beach Park Open House

5-7 p.m., Wednesday, May 18th | Nassau County BOCC Chambers (96135 Nassau Place)

The Beach Park Harmonization team, led by EDSA, invites the public to attend the first open house showcasing the inventory and analysis for the seven beach parks – North Beach Park, Main Beach Park, Seaside Beach Park, Scott Road Beach Access, Peters Point Beach Park, Burney Beach Park, and South Beach Access. Your input will directly impact the conceptual plans developed for each beach park.

The EDSA team has conducted site visits of all beach parks and met with City and County leaders and key stakeholders to understand the existing conditions and any other plans that will affect the planning and design of Amelia Island’s beach parks.

The goal for this stage of the project (Inventory & Analysis) is to make sure the consultant team is grounded in the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities at each beach park and how all of the parks fit together to create cohesive, accessible public beach access along the Atlantic. At this open house you won’t see preliminary designs for the beach parks, but rather character imagery to understand what the community and visitors do and do not want to see in all and individual beach parks. The design starts with the community, not the consultant team.

The event will be open house style without a formal presentation; feel free to stop by no matter how brief or in-depth your input is. We are happy to accommodate anyone needing more assistance. If you are unable to attend the open house, the visual boards will be posted online with the option to leave feedback or questions virtually. This link will be posted on this site ( after the open house.

We hope to see you May 18th between 5-7p.m.

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