Up Now & Next: The Future of Tourism in Nassau County

It all began in the early days of 2020 – just about the time lockdowns started. But that didn’t stop Nassau County leaders from initiating a strategy for the future of one of the heftiest drivers of our local economy – tourism. County Manager Taco Pope framed all the initiatives that would come together to build a solid 10-year plan: “It is a collaborative, co-produced planning process that will define our priorities, values, timelines and expectations.”

That collaboration includes Nassau County and the City of Fernandina Beach, with project management and coordination by the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council and Amelia Island Convention & Visitors Bureau, and invaluable input from our community. There are two projects underway. The first is developing Nassau County’s Tourism and Destination Development program, or a strategic plan to guide the future of tourism throughout the County. The second is a Beach park Harmonization project to unify and enhance Amelia Island’s 7 main beach parks.

Coming up Next:
Included in the initiatives spelled out at the launch: “…open & free discourse, transparency and accountability.” To reach that goal you’re invited to add your voice. There are two surveys waiting for your input: To speak out on Nassau County tourism, here’s a link to the tourism survey. To add your opinion to what the future of our beach parks should look like, click here.


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